Special Considerations

Hospitals require special attention to the types of paints best suited to the use of the room itself. Caffiero Painting Company uses a special STERIMATT paint in the Operating Rooms, Blood Areas and Morgue etc... This type of paint provides the necessary long term protection against the growth of mold, bacteria and other micro organisms. It has an attractive, low glare matt finish which makes it easy to clean and is resistant to abrasives and other cleaning agents. This paint provides excellent UV resistance and has a very high water vapor permeability.

For the interior walls of hospitals, Caffiero Painting Company uses the Regal Premium Interior Acrylic Matte Finish to give the hospitals a more warm, calming and serene look instead of the commonly used eggshell finish which gives a more sanitary and less inviting look. This finish is also easier to clean because it contains microscopic ceramic beads and uses a proprietary stain release technology which makes it resistant to the absorption of stains.


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